Eichler can assist with a wide range of landscape and building supplies.  If we don’t stock something we can recommend suppliers that we work with and trust to give you the product you need to bring your plans to life.

Supplying for the gardener, builder and home handyman:

Our yard is set out so that is easy to navigate your way around and our helpful staff are on hand to assist with any enquiries you have.  We sell most products by weight and have a calibrated weighbridge so that no second guessing is involved.  We are able to take orders over the phone and can arrange for delivery ranging from ½ tonne right through to 100’s of tonnes.


Sandy Loam, Organic Loam, Potting Soil, Pine Chips, Pea Straw, Compost, Mulch.

Driveway / Path Bases

Quarry Rubble, Quarry Sand, Limestone Rubble.

Driveway / Paths & Landscaping

10mm Metal, 20mm Metal, 50mm Metal (Ballast), Cottage Stone (5mm, 14mm, 20mm), White Metal (10mm and 20mm), Gabion Rock, River Pebble (Small & Large).

Building / Home Handyman

Bricky Sand, Concrete Sand, Plastering Sand, Premix, Cement, Brighton Lite Cement, Pave Set, Speed Set, Hydrated Lime, Concrete Mesh, Concrete Blocks.

Phone the office on (08) 8569 1108 for a no-hassle quote on delivery of your required products.  EFTPOS facilities are available.